Sunday, February 21, 2010

ITT Portugal

Hari Om Dear All,

This is just to let you know that there are still places available on the upcoming Intermediate Teacher Training at Quinta da Calma in Portugal.

Our beloved Swami Asokananda will be leading the training, which runs from 14th March to 4th April, along with High Key from Germany, Usha from Italy and Rev Padma Priya as staff members.

If finances are a problem, Quinta da Calma are magnificently offering to help in any way they can - whether by deferred payments, an instalment plan or any way that works for you. If you want to take this training with Swamiji, we don't want money to stand in the way.

If you want to find out more, please email Divyajyoti (Sylta) on

Please pass this message on to everyone who may be interested.

Thank you so much and God bless.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Intermediate Integral Yoga Teachers Training

ITT With Swami Ashokananda

Intermediate Integral Yoga Teachers Training March 2010 at Quinta Da Calma, Portugal.
A fantastic opportunity to train with Swami Asokananda here in Europe
For more information please contact as soon as possible at , or tel 351 289 393 741

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Upcoming Integral Yoga events and Programs

Program For Rev. Padma Priya 2010

1 Year Raja Yoga Course

Bi-monthly day workshops

6th March, 15th May, 3rd July, 4th September, 4th November, 4th December

Cost: £30 per day or £150 for the year’s course.

Venue to be confirmed but either Bath, Camerton, Bruton or Gillingham


12th-14th March I.Y. Living Yoga Retreat “Finding the Beloved”

Cleeve House, Wilts. Cost £120

7th-9th May I.Y. Living Yoga Retreat “Embracing the Beloved”

Penmellyn, Cornwall Cost £120

11th-16th June I.Y. Yoga Holiday & Fiesta “Yoga, Fun, Sun”

Quinta da Calma, Portugal Cost £350

17th-19th September I.Y. Living Yoga Retr

eat “Transformation –

The Power of Mantra”

Penmellyn, Cornwall Cost £120

1st-5th October I.Y. Silent Retreat “Going Deep

El Saltador, Almeria, Spain - Silence & Sadhana

Cost tba

29th-31st October I.Y. Living Yoga Retreat “Healing”

Cleeve House, Wilts. Cost £120

To be confirmed

18th – 26th April Pilgrimage to Assisi “Channel of Peace Retreat”

Ananda Ashram, Assisi, Italy

Cost full board +retreat: approx £600 +flights & transfers & visits

Rev. padma priya & Ammaprema Grace 01749 677458

Booking deposits made out to Integral Yoga AUM to Ammaprema at new address 79 Bekynton Ave Wells, Somerset. BA5 3NG

“Overcome fear with faith”With Nalanie June 3rd-7th

Dear All,

Please let me tell you about this special workshop coming up!

Nalanie will be giving a workshop from June the third till the seventh in Yogaville, called “Overcome fear with faith”.

There are several very interesting speakers invited and it promises to be an intense week in this beautiful environment.

The Ashram of Yogaville was founded by Nalanie’s beloved master Sri Swami Satchidananda and includes the beautiful lotus temple: The Light of Truth Universal Shrine. Open to all faiths to meditate and pray using the universal symbol of light of the Divine.

This is the first shrine ever built to house altars for every major faith and also faith less- known and those not yet known.

"More people have died in the name of God and religion than in all the wars and natural calamities. But, the real purpose of any religion is to educate us about our spiritual unity. It is time for us to recognize that there is one truth and many approaches. The basic cause for all the world problems is the lack of understanding of our spiritual unity. The need of the hour is to know, respect, love one another and to live as one global family. Our humble aim in building the LOTUS is to spread this message."
—H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda, founder of LOTUS

Jo Manuel Teacher Trainings

Jo Manuel teacher trainings are held at The Special Yoga Centre. Please visit to find out more info.Both Joe and Sonia Sumar are integral yoga teachers

These are running as follows:

1. Yoga for the Special Child LLC Basic

Date: 6th to 12th Feb 2010 and 13th to 19th June 2010
Time: 09:30 - 17:00
Price: £550
A comprehensive seven day training program recognised by the Yoga Alliance

A course designed to provide the essential tools for teaching Yoga to infants and children with special needs. Using hands-on and video instruction, Jo Manuel guides participants through each stage of the special child’s development. Topics include: how to evaluate infants and children; how to create the optimum home environment; how to work with specific syndromes and disorders. The program offers a unique learning environment for children and their parents, special education teachers, Yoga teachers and adaptive physical education teachers. It is also appropriate for the continuing education of health care specialists in a variety of fields, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and paediatric nursing.

2. Yoga for Teens

Date: Fri 12/03/2010
Time: 09:30 - 16:30
Price: £100, earlybird £80 before 1st December
These one day workshops are suitable for qualified yoga teachers

The aims of these one day workshops are to give yoga teachers the set of skills needed to teach yoga to teenagers. The day will include looking at what teenagers are coping with these days, the physiological changes they are going through, and how to adapt yoga to support their needs and their bodies. The course will also give yoga teachers skills and confidence to deal with the behavioural difficulties that teenagers can present.

3. Yoga for Children with Developmental Challenges

Date: Thu , Fri 18/03/2010 - 19/03/2010
Time: 09:30 - 16:30
Price: £150
A 2-day course for suitable for yoga teachers, school teachers, OTs, physiotherapists, & those in the Special Educational Needs arena.

This course will introduce a balanced therapeutic approach for children challenged by autism, PDD/anxiety disorder, LD and motor planning issues, AD/ADHD, general developmental delays, degenerative conditions.

The learning objectives of this course are to:
Develop an understanding of the specific motor, sensory, biochemical and neuro-physiological benefits of a therapeutic yoga programme.
Understand how, when and why to use yoga to address individual therapeutic goals.
Become familiar with a basic classroom yoga programme
Understand how to address self regulatory goals with specific yoga practises
Implement a yoga programme designed to build body awareness, motor planning and motor development
Understand how a basic yoga practice influences digestion, metabolism and elimination and enhances immune function
Understand the use of yoga as a daily ‘sensory diet’.

4. Yoga for the Special Child LLC Advanced 1
22nd November to 27th November 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Euro Council Meeting 2009

News of all that was achieved at the Meeting


Germany High Key Meyer

Gibraltar Lakshmi & San (representing Nalanie Chellaram)

Holland Chandra van Altveer

Italy Parvathi Faini

Portugal Divyajyoti Kalmbach

Spain Kirana Stover & Brahmani Eaton

U.K. Lalitha Williams

Euro Co-ordinator Rev. Padma Priya

Integral Yoga International Swami Asokananda

Apologies For Absence

Austria Narayani Bianca Westreicher

Belgium Ramakrishna de Meester

Czech Republic Chinmayi Niegsch

Finland Prasanna Paula Jooga

France Ambhika Berthias

Greece Linda Vincent

Norway Hillevi Larsson

Switzerland Jaya Palma


Rev. Padma opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and sharing messages from those not able to be present. She gave a brief overview of the history of the European meetings since 2001. She read out the Integral Yoga Europe Vision Statement which was formulated on 25th May 2001 and it was agreed to keep this inspiring vision as it is shown below:


“Integral Yoga International makes available the teachings of HH Sri Gurudev Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj to all those in need.

It serves as a dynamic force for individual and world peace, embracing all paths and presenting the highest and purest possible standards of yogic teaching by teachers of noble character and good reputation.

Thus it brings honour to Sri Gurudev, beneficence to the world and liberation to ourselves.

We do this through our very presence in a room, on the street and in the world, and by dedicating our lives to the peace and prosperity, health and happiness of all creation.”


Main Projects for Europe to Take Forwards

A number of projects were put forward by the European Council which were voted on to give an order of priority.

  1. Euro website
  2. Translation of books and dvd’s
  3. Visiting teachers to have an official tour
  4. Key Ashram people to go to Europe
  5. Ongoing training for teachers

Euro Reunion

Euro Reunion will be in Italy in May or June 2011.

It is planned to be in Germany in 2013 and the UK have asked to be the hosts in 2015.

It was agreed there would be a Teachers Retreat every 2 years at QDC

And a Euro Council centre heads meeting every year.

Retirement and Election of Euro Co-ordinator

Padma confirmed her retirement as Euro Co-ordinator. Swamiji thanked her for her service in that role for the past 8 years.

It was decided to have at least two and preferably three new co-ordinators.

The names proposed and elected unanimously were Parvathi (Italy), Brahmani (Spain)and Raghavan (UK) with the following areas of responsibility: Parvathi to nurture good relations between the Ashram and Europe and oversee the projects above; Brahmani to co-ordinate information and communication; Raghavan to spearhead updating our technology and image and bringing in a Euro Distribution business and social networking site.

Swamiji suggested that there should be one main head out of the 3 people, which was agreed by most people, but it was not agreed who it would be.

Ashram Ambassador to Europe

The whole of the European Council made it known that everyone felt extremely grateful to Swami Asokanandaji for his help over the past few years and that his energy and enabling support had really helped Europe to move forwards together.

Swamiji spoke about different people who could fulfil that role.
Different Council members then expressed their belief that Swami Asokananda will be the right person to take us to the next level.

The European Council then voted on the appointment of the Ashram Ambassador to Europe. There was a unanimous vote for Swami Asokananda to take that role forwards and include Europe in his global vision for Integral Yoga.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Euro Council Meeting

Euro Council Meeting


13 - 15 November 2009

The Integral Yoga European Council will meet at Quinta da Calma in Portugal on the above dates to find the best ways to support our European Sangha and its development and make plans for the future and future events.

If you have any items, issues or concerns you would like discussed at the Council Meeting or any messages you would like to send, please contact either your country's Euro Rep or Rev. Padma Priya, the Euro Co-ordinator, on

Upcoming Retreat with Swami Asokananda

Silent Retreat

with Swami Asokananda

at Quinta da Calma, Portugal

16th & 17th November 2009

Open to everyone

Cost only 150 euros

Swamiji's clear light and gentle wisdom, combined with his practical and down-to-earth teaching, have endeared him to so many of us in Europe.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share a peaceful retreat with him in our beautiful spiritual home at Quinta da Calma.

If you would like any more information, please contact

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi

One Light Ceremony

Some photos of the beautiful One Light Ceremony on All Saints Day 1st November 2009 at Cleeve House in the U.K.